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Our services

Thermal paper rolls with logos of our clients are willingly used by other entrepreneurs who receive them for free.
Such actions bring mutual benefits and therefore they are very desired.

PoHo24 (20)

PoHo24 handles the entire process planning and execution, i.e.:

  1. Preparation of rolls with the client’s graphics (according to the expectations and ideas of the Ordering party).
  2. Search for respective customers who will make use of the advertising space with the logo of the Ordering party.
  3. Delivery of paper rolls to end-customers.

To whom we address our offer?

Our distribution offer is addressed to all types of businesses – manufacturers, service providers and agents.

Clients eagerly order our paper rolls to additionally enhance the brand and gain new customers. The rolls may be used in every place where a POS terminal or a cash register is installed.
The increased customer awareness results in the increased demand for manufactured or sold goods, or services offered.

What does it look like in practice?

For instance, we prepare paper rolls with brand advertisement for a toothpaste manufacturer – Blanx. Then, we deliver these rolls to pharmacies and drugstores having in their offer toothpastes of that manufacturer.

The distribution process is highly customised taking into account advertiser’s graphics and customers.

Meetings and agreements with our clients (Ordering parties) are a valuable source of knowledge about their business specifics and customers, and help both parties effectively improve sales results.


Our products

PoHo24 (10)We offer thermal paper rolls with a print and colour of your choice.
We can print both on the front and rear side of the roll. The papers we use have various lengths and widths. The used paint is more resistant to fading than the images produced on the heat-sensitive layer. We can print a logo, text, access map, event or product advertisement, discount or a photograph.
Tell us about your ideas on the look of your personalised paper for cash registers or POS terminals. We have completed numerous projects and are willing to share our experience with you.
Probably, we have already done some of the things that you are thinking of now.


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